How powerful is Nandi bull of Lord Shiva according to Hindu scriptures?

To know about Nandi Maharaj’s power, we have to dive into Puranas like Shiv Mahapuran. So according to Shiv Mahapuran…

A “Diggaj warrior” has the strength of 10,000 elephants. For example, Bhima of the Pandavas from Mahabharat was classified as a “Diggaj warrior” because Bhima had the strength of 10,000 elephants ????????

And the one who has the strength of 10,000 DIGGAJ WARRIORS is Airavat (Indra’s elephant vehicle)

And the one who has the strength of 10,000 AIRAVATS is Paundrak (Yamraj’s bull vehicle)

And the one who has the strength of 10,000 PAUNDRAKS is our beloved Nandi Maharaj (most loyal devotee, pet and vehicle of the God Of Gods, Shiva himself)

So, if we calculate Nandi Maharaj’s total strength from this, then Nandi Maharaj has the strength of 100,000,000,000,000 or 100 TRILLION ELEPHANTS! ????????

That’s a lot of strength and power. Its also written in Shiv Mahapuran that when Nandi Maharaj carries Lord Shiva on his back and goes here and there, the earth shakes violently from Nandi Maharaj’s footsteps

The proof of Nandi Maharaj’s immense strength can also be found in Valmiki Ramayan. According to Valmiki Ramayan, once Ravan went to meet Lord Shiva at Kailash. Lord Shiva was in “Samadhi” at that time and he ordered Nandi Maharaj to not let any interruptions or disturbance happen when Lord Shiva is in Samadhi. So when Ravan went to Kailash for meeting Lord Shiva, Nandi Maharaj stopped him. Ravan being the heavily egoistic person he was, called Nandi Maharaj “stupid bull” and told him to get out of Ravan’s way. But Nandi Maharaj did not listened. Nandi Maharaj said that his Lord Bholenath is in Samadhi and the Lord ordered to not let any disturbance happen when he is in Samadhi. But Ravan being egoistic and high of himself as usual, did not even tried to reason with Nandi Maharaj and called him “stupid bull” again. Ravan threw many more insults on Nandi Maharaj and even threatened the “stupid bull” to leave his way, or else Ravan will chop his head off and will offer it as a sacrifice to Lord Shiva. But Nandi Maharaj did not moved from Ravan’s way no matter what. Then Ravan got really angry and he KICKED Nandi Maharaj with full force. The entire Kailash Mountain started shaking violently just from the impact of Ravan’s kick, massive avalanches occurred and the earth cracked. But nothing happened to Nandi Maharaj AND HE DID NOT EVEN MOVED AN INCH FROM RAVAN’S POWERFUL KICK. Ravan was totally shocked, how could a mere creature survive Ravan’s powerful kick which shook the mountain and cracked the earth just from the impact only? Then Ravan said that Nandi Maharaj is very lucky that Ravan’s divine weapon “Chandra Hasa” is not with him or else he would have chopped off Nandi Maharaj’s head. Ravan turned back and returned to Lanka. This is the power of our beloved Nandi Maharaj, he made the powerful Ravan turn back and return to Lanka. Nandi Maharaj remained standing even after getting hit by Ravan’s full power kick and did not moved even an inch ????

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