10 ideas to make anyone quit smoking, Think before lighting your next cigarette

Smoking causes cancer, damages organs, rots teeth etc. Such warnings have been making the rounds across the media spectrum for years now. However, most smokers pay no heed to them. The image of a person affected by throat cancer on every cigarette packet now simply seems like a part of the packet’s design.

The no smoking campaign needs to get a lot more persuasive, don’t you think?

Here are some of the most brilliantly made non-smoking posters which would do a much better job of discouraging you to light up your next stick of death:

1. An accurate representation of the ‘smoking room’.


2. Don’t become a slave to the habit.


3. While you may not be as bothered about your own health, at least give new life a chance! 


4. Now that’s smart packaging!


5. Soon enough, that’ll be your lips’ natural color.


6. If only we got 1ups in real life!


7. Passive smoking causes just as much harm.


8. Especially to your kids.


9. And that point is really well made over here.


10. So next time, at least take the smoke outside. 


H/T : Boredpanda

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