Top 10 strongest people in the Satya Yuga?

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1. Lord Narasimha

Lord Narasimha was the strongest person ever described in Satya Yuga. He killed all protectors of Hiranyaksyapu single handedly and killed Hiranyaksyapu in front of all Asuras and everybody watched their king helplessly.

O king! Hari went to Hiranyakashipu’s assembly. He adopted a form that was half that of a man and half that of a lion. In this form of Narasimha, he rubbed his palms against each other. He looked like a dense cloud. He roared like a dense cloud. His blazing energy was like that of a dense cloud. He was as forceful as a cloud. The daitya was extremely strong and proud. He was like an insolent tiger in his valour. He was protected by a large number of proud daityas. However, with one slap of his palm, he killed them all. I have told you about Narasimha.

Ref: Harivamsha by Bibek Debroy

2. Lord Varaha

Lord Varaha rescued mother earth from Hiranyaksha. The war went on for many years and finally Hiranyaksha was brought down by Varaha avatar of Lord Vishnu.

Lord Boar very easily took the earth on His tusks and got it out of the water. Thus He appeared very splendid. Then, His anger glowing like the Sudarśana wheel, He immediately killed the demon [Hiraṇyākṣa], although he tried to fight with the Lord. Thereupon Lord Boar killed the demon within the water, just as a lion kills an elephant. The cheeks and tongue of the Lord became smeared with the blood of the demon, just as an elephant becomes reddish from digging in the purple earth.

3. Nar and Narayan

Nar and Narayan defeated a mighty king Dambhodbhava who was the head of the earth. Dambhodbhava fell at the feet of Nar and Narayan and accepted his defeat.

Dambhodbhava with all his troops, desirous of slaying that ascetic, covered all sides with a shower of arrows. That ascetic, however, by means of those blades of grass, baffled all those terrible shafts of the king that were capable of mangling the bodies of hostile warriors. The invincible Rishi then let off towards the king his own terrible weapon made of grass-blades and which was incapable of being counteracted.

4. Mahishasura

Mahishasura was one of the strongest demons of all time. Mahishasura defeated all the gods and seized their position. The gods went to Brahma to get a solution for this problem. From the combined energy of Brahma,Vishnu,Shiva, Indra and other gods, Goddess Ambika was manifested. All the gods gave their respective weapons to her. Mahishasura could change the form however he needs. When Goddess Ambika came to the battlefield, Mahishasura turned into a lion. He then converted himself into a man, held a sword and disappeared. Afterwards the goddess pierced him with her arrows, he with his sword and shield turned into a mighty elephant. The elephant pulled Goddess Ambika’s lion with his trunk. Afterwards Mahishasura assumed the form of a buffalo. Goddess Ambika finally struck the demon with her Sula. The goddess cut off his head with her sword. This story is present in Markandeya Purana.

5. Hiranyakashyapu

Hiranyakashyapu had obtained a boon from Lord Brahma of being virtually indestructible and therefore he had become a nightmare for gods.

May gods, asuras, gandharvas, humans and pishachas be unable to kill me. O grandfather of the worlds! May rishis not be able to curse me in rage, even when their austerities enable them to curse me in this fashion. This is the boon that I wish for. Let my death not come from any weapon, anything used to strike, a mountain, a tree, anything dry, anything wet, or any other object. Let me be the lord of the sun, the moon, wind, fire, the water, the firmament, the nakshatras, the ten directions, ego, anger, desire, Varuna, Vasava, Yama, the granter of riches, the supervisor of riches,yakshas and kimpurushas.” Brahma said, “O son! This is a divine and extraordinary boon and I am conferring it on you. O son! There is no doubt that you will obtain everything that you desire.”

Ref: Harivamsha Chapter 31 BORI CE

6. Hiranyaksha

Demon Hiranyaksha had conquered all the directions in the universe and was highly feared by the gods.

His younger brother, Hiraṇyākṣa, was always ready to satisfy his elder brother by his activities. Hiraṇyākṣa took a club on his shoulder and traveled all over the universe with a fighting spirit just to satisfy Hiraṇyakaśipu. His mental and bodily strength as well as the boon conferred upon him had made him proud. He feared death at the hands of no one, and there was no checking him. The gods, therefore, were seized with fear at his very sight, and they hid themselves even as snakes hide themselves for fear of Garuḍa.

7. Vritra

Indra was once driven out of Devaloka by Vritra. Vritra had a boon which made him invulnerable to any weapon. Sage Dadhichi sacrificed his life for making a weapon from his body. Indra taking the help of Lord Vishnu killed Vritra using the thunder bolt and he became famous as slayer of Vritra.

And as Indra thought of all this, bearing Vishnu in mind he beheld at that instant in the sea a mass of froth as large as a hill. And he said, ‘This is neither dry, nor wet, nor is it a weapon; let me hurl it at Vritra. Without doubt, he will die immediately.’ And he threw at Vritra that mass of froth blended with the thunderbolt. And Vishnu, having entered within that froth, put an end to the life of Vritra. And when Vritra was killed, the cardinal points were free from gloom; and there also blew a pleasant breeze; and all beings were much pleased.

8. Dambhodbhava

Jamadagni’s son Parashurama narrated a story of a king named Dambhodbhava who was from Satyayuga. According to this story, sovereignty of Dambhodbhava extended over the whole world and he used to ask people whether there is any person who is equal to his power. He was finally defeated by Nar and Narayan.

There was a king of yore named Dambhodbhava, who was the Head of the earth. It hath been heard by us that his sovereignty extended over the whole world. And that mighty car-warrior, rising every morning after the night had passed away, called the Brahmanas and the Kshatriyas unto himself and asked them, saying, ‘Be he a Sudra, a Vaisya, a Kshatriya, or a Brahmana, is there any one who is superior or even equal to me in battle?’ And uttering these words that king wandered over the earth, intoxicated with pride and thinking of nothing else. 

9. Prahlada

Prahlada, the son of Hiranyakashyapu desired that Asuras should rule over the three worlds and he succeeded in conquering the heaven by defeating Indra as given in Shanti Parva of Mahabharat.

In days of yore, the Daitya Prahlada, by the merit of his behaviour, snatched from the high-souled Indra his sovereignty and reduced the three worlds to subjection.

10. Asura king Bali

Bali conquered all the three worlds and he was the leader of Asuras in Samudra Manthan. Later he donated everything to Vamana avatar of Lord Vishnu and got settled in Patala Loka. In return he was given a boon to become next Indra by Lord Vishnu.

Hope you’ll also like , top 10 Warriors in Ramayana & Mahabharata.

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