What would happen if Ravan fought Hiranyakashyap? What would Ravan’s power be like, and could he win against Hiranyakashyap?

Asuras are on cosmic level (having power to destroy galaxy) …..they are in the same league of Devas. Hiranyakashyap was an Asura

On the other hand, Rāksasas are union of Asuras and humans. Therefore Rāksasas have human limitations to certain superpowers and are on tectonic levels (power to lift and rip mountains). Ravan was a Rāksas.

Hypothetical fight between Hiranyakashyap and Ravan:-

  1. If both indulge in a physical fight, Ravan being a Rāksas would fail badly against Asura warrior Hiranyakashyap.
  2. If both fight using weapons and armour….Ravan has higher advantage. Ravan achieved numerous infallible weapons and the powerful Brahmashira dart. Ravan also had regeneration power and had the armour of Bramha with a secret nectar hidden inside his body. Ravan also had Chandrahas of Shiva which made him victor over every supernatural power.

3. If the boon is involved, the fight will be draw. Hiranyakashyap won’t be killed unless he fights with Narsingh as per his boon. Ravan won’t be killed by any supernatural being unless it’s a human.

4. In Fight of illusions – Hiranyakashyap using cosmic powers would demolish Ravan.

5. In Fight of strategy – Ravan was the most intelligent and learned villain in Hindu history. Ravan’s knowledge of warfare helped him to strategies tough battles and achieve victory over many powerful opponents. So, here Ravan will have advantage.

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