You’ll never look at camel same way again, It’s wonderful animal you must agree on it after reading this article.

1) Camel is a marvel of nature, it survives in 53-degree heat and minus -1 degree winter.

2) Leaving his feet for hours on the hot sands of the desert.

3) It goes on for months without drinking any water.

4) Eats cactus with big thorns in the desert.

No matter what’s the terrain, camel can go!

5) One hundred and fifty kilograms of weight on the back of a hundred miles to walk. Animals with such extraordinary designs as camels are a marvel to zoologists.

The body temperature of most mammals, including humans, is usually around 36 degrees Celsius (96 degrees Fahrenheit). If the internal temperature of the body rises to more than 36.5 degrees (102 F), then the internal organs begin to be damaged. Exceeding 40 degrees (104 Fahrenheit) causes severe damage to the liver, kidneys, brain, and digestive system. At a temperature of 41 degrees (105 F), the body’s cells begin to die.

This is why when the internal temperature of mammals rises above normal, the body sweats and cools by releasing excess heat.

But it is a luxury for camels to waste water in this way. Because water is the rarest resource in the desert. That is why there is a special arrangement in the body of a camel. The morning body temperature is 34 degrees. Then when the weather gets very hot, the internal temperature rises to 41 degrees (104 F). From then on it started sweating. Until then it holds water. Thus every day the camel endures from normal temperature to high fever temperature.

It has a system inside the body so that it does not cause major damage to the internal organs even after enduring high fever day after day. Camel blood is specially made to hold large amounts of water.

Once a camel starts drinking water, it can drink about 130 litres of water, about the equivalent of three tank fuel tanks, in 10 minutes.

If any other animal drank this huge amount of water, excess water would enter the bloodstream and the blood cells would swell and burst due to the osmotic pressure.

But camel blood cells have a special coating, which can withstand much higher stress. It is because of this special blood that a camel can drink so much water at once.

The camel’s hump is a source of fat. Fat provides energy and nutrition to camels. And water keeps all the internal functions of the body active, keeps the body temperature right.

Once enough food and water are consumed, a camel can survive without food or water for up to six months.

Camels are desert ships. It weighs up to 180-260 kg and moves with a smile.

This huge, powerful creature had no reason to be calm, loyal to humans.

Rather, such a self-sufficient creature should be violent, so that no one would dare to touch it. By breaking many of the rules made by evolutionists, this creature has for some reason become innocent, calm, loyal to the man.

If God had not made the camel suitable for human beings, it would have been impossible for human beings to build a civilization in the desert.

Another notable ability of the camel is its ability to chew cut plants

which no other animal has. Cactus with large thorns can eat it.

If it was any other animal, the gums, cheeks, and tongue would have been injured by the thorns of the cactus. But camels are nothing.

Inside the camel’s mouth is a wonderful arrangement. On the inside of its mouth, there are numerous small hard finger-like arrangements, which protect it from cut wounds. There is a tongue that cannot pierce thorns.

The camel’s eye has two layers of petals.

Due to which it can keep its eyes open even in dust storms in the desert. This special petal arrangement works like sunglasses to protect the eyes from the scorching sun of the desert and retain the moisture of the eyes.

At the same time make it specially curved so that it can trap dust.

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