10 Rules of manhood?

Better man

  1. Make as much money as possible. Men are supposed to be providers. (Don’t take it as Men Women are not equal, They do share equal rights, yet as per our culture we Man are supposed to earn breads for our family that’s what i’m saying )Money won’t solve everything but it will solve your money problems and that’s one less thing to worry over.
  2. if you are about to do something stupid with a woman who is not your wife or girlfriend, go and jerk off. Clears the mind.
  3. exercise, take care of yourself, yearly medical exam. As soon as I turned 30, I have had annual medchecks, thank goodness health is one less thing to worry about.
  4. travel with your spouse and kids as much as possible. Take your wife on business trips and sometimes you should take your kids as well. Go on breaks every other month, it is money well spent.
  5. Ask your wife’s permission before taking major risks that will affect her and the family. Sometimes Taking some business risks which did not pan out, but you had permission and the loss was yours, not your alone.
  6. Take care of your parents. They are old, money doesn’t make them happy, travel is too tiresome. Sitting & talking or taking them to the doctor, is time well spent.
  7. Be a great father, no one should do more than dad.(Again here, I know mothers are doing just better, but i want to say Fathers should take responsibility as well in raising your child, Just providing money is not enough.)
  8. Seek help with stress and mental health issues. Forget all that toxic masculinity bullshit, you can’t be a great provider, father and husband, if you aren’t dealing with your stress and anxiety. I have sought help, and its scary to think people are alone dealing with it when it is no longer necessary.
  9. Maintain a best friend even if you barely see each other. we might meet each other less but the whatsapp should lit everyday. If you can’t have a human best friend, get a dog (Only if you can take care of one life, Don’t consider this advise if you don’t value life and gonna left that poor soul abandon some day) . It will love you when you feel no one else does.

3 dogs in one day were dumped at our shelter! We are frantically looking one that escaped with its owners literally following them right after they opened the door and let it loose. The other two are safe and secure and at the vet. The two that were left together we believe were there overnight but will check videos after we find the lost victim of neglect that is on the run. For us to take in any single animal we are out space … specifically kennels and could use your help! Tractor supply in canton gives us a great discount around $300 each. We aren’t asking for $300 from one person but if you have a team of people or group of friends that want to come together and fundraise for a kennel we can for sure use them! Photo of dogs dumped at gate in comments. To donate you can click here or by PayPal: arfms@comcast.net

Posted by Animal Rescue Fund of MS (ARF) on Thursday, January 10, 2019
Yes, Such heartless people exist, so just avoid my advise of getting a dog if at some point of life you may end up doing like this.

10. Your ego is toxic if it creates and maintains conflict. It is a cancer in relationships and business. Kill it

I like this Alpha Writer on quora so here is his credit for great writting : https://www.quora.com/profile/Donny-Wesnk

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