10 Odd things that can ruin your vision

Protecting your eyes from damage is really not as simple as eating carrots

1.Turning Down Purple food.

Your eyes receive nutrients through tiny capillaries that are strengthened by foods containing anthocyanins –flavonoid pigments that gives berries and veggies their intense hues and health boosting properties.

Foods known to be good for eye health are often purple or black, such as blackcurrants. Purple carrots are a great pick, full of nutrient lutein. So Don’t refuse purple food.

2. Lighting up

The toxic chemicals in tobacco,smoke can damage your eyes, Studies have found smokers are four times more likely to develop age-related muscular degenration (AMD) and are twice as likely to get cataracts.

3. Not getting your blood pressure checked

Having high blood pressure is linked to an increased risk of developing glaucoma — a condition where the pressure of the fluid inside your eye damages the optic nerve And low blood pressure can result in an inadequate supply of blood getting to the optic nerve which can affect vision to.See your GP.

4. Staying indoors

Some London buildings at night as seen from myopia glasses

The WHO has estimated that by 2050, more that 60% of the global population will be short sighted — in part due to the fact that so many children spend a long time focusing on near by tasks indoors,which seems to increase the likelihood and progression of developing myopia, Spending time outdoors, on the other hand, appears to have a protective effect.

It’s recommended that children have time outside every day as natural day light may help by stimulating the release of the eyeball and the subsequent development of myopia.

5. Rubbing Your eyes

According to the vision Eye Institute in Australia, the spike in eye pressure that rubbing the eyes can cause could disrupt blood flow to the back of the eye and lead to nerve damage in people who have glaucoma, And in susceptible people,continuous eye rubbing can lead to keratoconus(see. video below for better understanding), where the cornea thins, weakens and bulges forward to become cone shaped, leading to distorted vision.

IF ictchiness or dry eyes are making you rub your eyes, see your optician for eye drops.

6. Being Inactive

A Study from the university of California found that people who take part in moderate to vigorous activity can cut their risk of developing glaucoma by up to 73%, Those who exercised at faster pace,and for longer, cut their risk the most but any exercise is good for vision, as it appears to help reduce pressure inside the eye. so get walking – but pick up the pace.

7. LED Lights Could Cause ‘Irreversible’ Damage To Our Eyes

LED lights might not be as good as we thought, at least for our health. According to a new report from the French Agency for Food, Environment and Occupational Health and Safety (ANSES), they have expressed concern on how our constant exposure to LED lights could cause “irreversible” damage to our eyes.

The report published by the agency talks about how LED could be potentially “photo-toxic” which means that it can lead to the loss of retinal cells and also diminished sharpness of vision. They also talk about the high-intensity exposure to LED light, as well as “chronic exposure” from lower-intensity sources, which according to report, can “accelerate the ageing of retinal tissue, contributing to a decline in visual acuity and certain degenerative diseases such as age-related macular degeneration.”

This is not the first time that lights from our devices have been found to potentially contribute to vision-related problems. Previously, it was said that the blue light emitted from our smartphones can not only accelerate blindness, but can also mess up our sleep patterns.

8. Eyelash extensions

Applied individually to your natural lashes, eyelash extensions might give your eyes the wow factor, but a university of tokyo school of medicine study found that 26% of people who’d had extensions have experienced problems. Most typically, there’s a risk of suffering an allergic reaction to the glue, which can cause irritation and swelling of the eyelid,plus infections of the cornea due to dirt and bacteria getting trapped in the lashes.In rare cases, extensions can induce traction alopecia, where your own lashes fall out due to strain placed on them.

9. Mowing your garden lawn

According to the Eyecare trust 20,000 eye accidents happen every year as a result of doing DIY – and that includes gardening. Wear glasses,sun glasses or even safety glasses when mowing or digging small stones, grit or sharp pieces of twig flying up at high speed can seriously injure your eyes.

10. Shop bought Glasses

Don’t Settle for this, Instead Check your Required Powers and have your custom made glasses

Cheap and cheerful, these glasses may help you see small print better and seem like a great way to save cash, but they use the same strength magnification in each lense so won’t be ideal for anyone who has different degrees of vision in each eye.More importantly, though , many opticians warn relying on these glasses stop many people attending appointments for regular eye tests, which can screen for potentially serious problems.

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