3 Nanis Are On An Epic Road Trip And Their Adventurous Tales Are Ruling The Internet

3 women out to Wander…

These three grannies from Delhi – Neeru Gandhi, Monica Chanana and Pratibha Sabharwal decided to go on a road trip and the internet can’t thank them enough for doing it.

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IMAGE | womenonthehighway.wordpress.com

Their Facebook page, Age No Bar speaks volumes of their incredible journey across the country. 

They’ve also documented their entire journey on their blog (womenonthehighway.wordpress.com), which strives to inspire other women to travel.


Rocking their early 60s like a boss, these three grandmothers have proven that life is what you make out of it. They have abjured the limitations that come with age and given the world such an ingenuousness way of traveling.

Age NO Bar

IMAGE | womenonthehighway.wordpress.com

In March 2016, these three gorgeous and enthusiast women ventured out for this epic road trip and drove from Delhi to Rameshwaram. The trio planned their journey extremely well, and it took them 29 days with 23 stopovers to cover 4,400 kilometers.

Their stories are brimming with experiences and struggles from the trip. Despite being in the senior bracket, these women prepared themselves for the unknown. They learned how to fix a broken car, deal with flat tires and even managed to educate themselves about dongles, selfie sticks, cameras, hard-disk, and tripods.

Earlier this month, they started with another adventure, which is their trip to Rajasthan and Gujarat

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