Real Weapons that Exactly look Like they are from Sci-Fi Movies.

With an emphasis on versatility, range, and light weight, many modern arms look nothing like guns of decades past. In fact, some look like they are futuristic weapons sent from centuries ahead of us, with their odd angles, accessories, and rounded edges. Many of these futuristic guns have actually been used in films and TV to depict weapons of the future, though usually with odd bits added on to look like scopes or grenade launchers.

A few examples of these sci-fi weapons are the Valmet M-82 submachine gun, used in The Terminator; the TDI Vector inTotal Recall; and the Claridge/Goncz pistol in Firefly. Some of the weapons on this list really are from the future, as they’re experimental combat systems being developed by the United States and other nations. No doubt once they go into production, they’ll show up in movies and TV with extra doodads fastened on them, just as other sci-fi guns have had.

Here are some of the most futuristic-looking weapons that could have come right out of science fiction.Share the cool weapons most likely to be from the actual future, as opposed to just nifty looking weapons in our present.

1.FN F2000

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5. EF-88 RIFLE


7. XM-29

8. Beretta U22 Neos

9. TDI Vector

10. Magpul – FMG 9

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