Clinton or Trump: Who will buck up India?

The situation is such that a decision can be excruciatingly hard but fortunately , we have some past background and their views for people through which we can conclude who would be better for the India.  There are no intentions of disliking anyone but given an option I will go for Hillary Clinton though which can be thriller but it can be assured that decisions will fall at better place with pretty good experience. While jumping to conclusion we have to do deep study of Asia-pacific geopolitics, trade and commerce with U.S. and the realization from the past years. Clinton will prove to be asset for the Americans in the future because she will work on the reformation required as compared to the present time, this will come through the experience of her and having relationship with America and even good relation with India like Bill Clinton was a long friend.

There will be no hostile or bad effect to India in choosing of president for the U.S. , but the decision of his or her will surely affect people of India. The positive ramifications towards India by Clinton are as follows:

  • Hillary is far better in managing international issues, and the relation between other countries, so it will lead to peaceful relations and a brighter future.
  • The major issue of visa regarding Indians will have no problems as immigration problem will be solved, so there will be no building of walls between India and Pakistan. So, it will help Indians to study and work favoring their choice.
  • Hillary believes in wider trade relations between Americans and Indians, so it will encourage economy of    Through this there will be development between nations as well as building of their relationship.
  • Clinton said in one of the speech delivered that it is her primary mission that she will try best to create more employment  opportunities, with better wage structure.


However we can’t be sure of the benefits arriving to India through the election, but as the above mentioned points support Indian development with the support of Clinton.


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